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Charity begins on the golf course at the Regions Tradition. You have the opportunity to make a charity or a school a big winner by participating in the Birdies for Charity Program. Participating charities receive every single penny of the donations generated! Additionally, you have the chance to win great prizes when you pitch in to help the soliciting charity!


Birdies for Charity is a fundraising program designed to give participating charities the opportunity to generate contributions for their organization based on the number of ˇ°birdiesˇ± made by Champions Tour players during the 2013 Regions Tradition.


  • Increases charitable contributions to Alabama charities.
  • Unlimited number of charities will be able to raise additional funds using the Regions Tradition as their tool.
  • There are NO out-of-pocket expenses or fees to participating charities.
  • All administrative costs will be handled by the Regions Tradition.
  • Each participating charity will receive 100% of their collected donations.


  • This year, Red Diamond is our proud sponsor of the Birdies for Charity ˇ°Bonus Bucks!ˇ±? Their support allows for the top ten charities that raise the most money to receive additional funds from Red Diamond on behalf of the Regions Tradition. The top ten charities receive ˇ°Red Diamond Bonus Bucksˇ± with the top charity receiving $10,000!
  • Bonus Bucks will be shared in proportion to the pledges collected on their behalf.

To make a pledge to Birdies For Charity on behalf of the Lord Wedgwood Charity, click here.

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